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Emotional Intelligence:

The Secret Ingredient to Long Term Success In Business And In Life.


There’s been a lot of “buzz” about Emotional Intelligence (EI).

There is a long history of studying intelligence is and finding how it can be measured. In these studies, the question of are different types of intelligences has been asked. If there are different intelligences, which may be more, or less, effective in the workplace, in general, and, specifically, for leadership. This presentation/discussion will seek to answer these questions.


There are many job posting specifically calling out Emotional Intelligence as a requirement. There are many articles about why EI is important for your career, how to find candidates with high EI, and more. (Click here to got to the links page for these articles.) These articles may not answer some commonly asked questions. The following course will address these questions.

Emotional Intelligence - Overview


Despite the buzz about EI, many people do not have a real understanding of what EI is. This discussion will look at some basics of EI:

  • What is Emotional Intelligence (EI)?

  • Is EI a real and measurable intelligence?

  • How does EI differ from IQ?​

This introductory course is presented in a Lunch & Learn type time frame and format.

Price: $15.00

Emotional Intelligence: The misunderstood factor for success


There are many misunderstandings and questions about EI. Among the questions that are often asked about EI are:

  • What is Emotional Intelligence (EI)?

  • Is EI a real and measurable intelligence?

  • Why is it that some people with a supposedly high Cognitive Intelligence (aka: a high IQ) less “success” less others with the same or lower IQ?

  • Are there other types of intelligence?

These, and other questions, will be addressed in this presentation.

This course will require two hours.

Price: $25.00