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About Positive Concepts, Inc.

Positive Concepts was created with the mission of helping organizations receive the most value, or Return on Investment (ROI), from its most important asset. Sometimes referred to as; staff, partners, employees, resources. Whatever name is attached, it’s still the people in the organization that are its greatest, most important, most valuable asset.

The principals, tools, and techniques presented by Positive Concepts are equally applicable for an individual's personal growth as for an organization.


The motivation for Michael L Schwartz founding Positive Concepts was his professional experience where he had observed and experienced numerous project failures. These failures, he contends, were, for the most part, not due to a lack of technical expertise. They were caused by, what Michael refers to as, “people not working and playing well together”. To be more specific, inadequate, or no, training in leadership, team building, conflict management, and communication, to name a few.


Michael wholeheartedly believes that these skills, when effectively taught and appropriately implemented, will greatly improve effectiveness of both individuals and of work teams. Improved effectiveness will drastically reduce project failures caused by lack of adequate “people skills”.