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The following pages describe courses offered by Positive Concepts.



These courses are open to the public and directed towards a general audience.

Any organization may hold any course on-site for its employees, clients, and/or customers. In that case the course content may be tailored to a specific organization or industry.

For course duration shown of one full day, or more, this is the number of days presuming full days. Course may be split into shorter duration segments that full days while maintaining the same "contact hours". This would be the same case for any course offered in a "Webinar' (Virtual) format.


The pricing shown is for an individual attendee registering for a single course.

Groups of two or more attendees registering for the same course at the same time will be granted a discount following completion of the course. The discount will be in the form of a rebate at course conclusion.

Registering and paying for two or more courses at the same time will result in a discount. The discount will be in the form of a rebate after completion of all courses which were registered and paid for at the same time.

Discounts may not be combined.


Any required materials, such as books, pamphlets, etc., will be provided by Positive Concepts, Inc. There is no discount offered if the client purchases required materials through another source.

Any optional materials may be purchased, in addition to the course fee, through Positive Concepts or any retail outlet of the attendee's choice.