At Positive Concepts, Inc. we operate as “Organization Doctors” (OD). That means that we provide, for your for-profit business or not-for-profit organization, services similar to what your Medical Doctor (MD) provides for your person.

Positive ConceptsAs you might visit your MD for regular physical examinations to maintain and improve your health, so too should your business or organization receive regular “check-ups” to evaluate, maintain, and improve its health.

If you experience some medical symptoms you would visit your MD to determine and treat the cause of the symptom(s). So too, does Positive Concepts address “business symptoms”. “Business symptoms” may include: excessive employee turnover, projects running behind schedule, projects running over budget, excessive operating costs, and many others. We seek out the root causes of these “symptoms” and address those root causes.

Results of initiatives which have employed elements of the frameworks that Positive Concepts, Inc uses include:

• Reduction in time for product development project by 50%.
• Exceeding cost reduction goals by over 500%.
• Increase of profit margin on customer account by 3.8%.
• Increased account size, units sold, by over 225%.
• 20% performance improvement and $200,000 annual cost savings on safety critical automotive system.
• Resolutions of conflicts in ineffective Working Groups and Project Teams transforming them into effective teams.

Positive Concepts, Inc. services are based on Strengths-Based, Whole-System approaches. Every business, and organization, and its personnel, have certain abilities which they excel at. By identifying, and building on these core strengths, more sustainable improvements are achieved. Any changes implemented in any single area of a business, or organization, has an effect on other areas within the business, or organization. By viewing a business, or an organization, as a whole system, rather than only looking at individual, specific areas, better, and more optimal results are obtained.